Obligatory Welcome Post

Lads, lasses, nonbinary masses…why are you here?

Alright, sorry. I’m pretty new to this whole WordPress shebang, but I guess it’s time I upgrade my organizing skills especially in the context of posting pointless little rambles about pointless little things I care very much about. Or perhaps the occasional advertisement, the occasional art dump, the occasional sappy sentimental family picture with big fat cheesy quotes written in big fat calligraphy, the occasional review about media with about a bajillion reviews by now…

Did I ever mention about the cover page I still have yet to fix up? No? Doesn’t matter. It’s not just the cover page, this is going to be a whole-arse Konmari overhaul except that I have nothing much to overhaul and it’s a matter of which preferred page template and stock photo sparks more joy than the rest.

Okay, there you have it, nothing more. Welcome to the Couch Potato Catalogue, where the couch is open for all your nonsensical needs. Pleasure to have you around.

You are also welcome to read my old blog if you feel like it. Just click this link.

This is just an innocent stock photo, but I’d leave this out my room’s doorway if I could even afford this sort.

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