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Art Bonkadonks #2: The Project That Cost Me My Entire Summer Vacation

I guess that title is already self-explanatory.

Context, of course, is an elusive little creature that often slips between our fingers, so let me snag a little one for you and explain, in the briefest manner that I could manage, how it went down: I had plans to create a little piece of concept art for some rando story I’d talk about another time, until I got notified by the manager of the art department for this school publication I’m in, to do what should have been an easy project. Fast-forward morbillions of Pinterest references (this is a catalogue of a couch potato, what were you expecting me to do? Use my brain cells and be more inventive? Dearie me, let’s have that for another time), YouTube-converted music albums, much procrastination thanks to this one other mock board exam and summer classes, and several postponed deadlines worth more than a month later, this singular sh*tstorm of a project was finally finished.

The project in this case was probably overdone, as it was just a nice little “search-it-yourself-and-win-a-prize” that sat snuggly at the back page of each issue released by our school paper. But I guess I just wanted something a little newer and perhaps…more aesthetically-pleasing? It’s a stretch, I know, but having a luthier’s workshop (sacrilegiously littered with referenced bonkadonks) for a change would be nice. And in total, there would be about eighteen gadgets and gizmos waiting to be sought out, which would be mentioned in the captions as shown below:

[5 dingbats, a demodog, Baymax, Sukuna’s finger, an UNO Card, Gudetama, a Dinkle plushie, a Yakult bottle, a blue poppy, Kars’s stone mask, Stormbringer, and the very blatantly-shown straw hat of Luffy. Ah yes, and the Human Transmutation Circle.])

As you could see, this image had to be scaled down thanks to this very lovely website restricting anything over 2 MB. The lighting was the worst thing to manage, seeing as I, a ten-fingered amateur, didn’t have the sense to realize that there was actually a tool to simply overlay the atmospheric and warm rays of light, and ended up shading it manually instead of, I dunno, making use of Medibang’s good graces. And just so you know, a good chunk of this picture was actually referenced for what is essentially a lighting study–you can view the original one via this link right here.

And that’s it for today! I might need to take a break for a good, long while…if barely less than a week before classes begin is enough to be counted as a “good long while,” I’d say. Rest assured, I’ll get back to you!

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